What is orthodontics

Orthodontic works by squeezing all teeth and moving them to their correct position, improving their appearance and working method, and orthodontic help keep teeth, gums and jaw joints healthy in the long term

Benefits of using orthodontics

  • Improve appearance and smile ، there are some cases where abnormal dental  affects the shape of the face

  • Get straight teeth, and correct their crowd. Treating mild apnea, rabbit lip, and palate problems

  • Front and back tooth occlusal correction, sting elimination

  • Keep protruding teeth from damage


Treatments used in orthodontics 

After the dental examination, the doctor will use one of the following treatments to correct them :

  • Calendar fixings

  • head bridle

  • Surgery

  • Animated Orthodontics devices

  • Tooth clip . It is the most common type of orthodontic treatment used by dentists

Cases of using orthodontics 

Among the most important reasons and reasons for using orthodontics is poor occlusal, such as cases of crowding in the teeth, or the loss of some teeth, as well as when there are warps in the teeth, or a protrusion in them, so correcting bad occlusions helps to improve a person’s smile and general health, and also it is necessary to correct occlusion when It results in problems and complications; it may sometimes lead to erosion of the teeth, and the presence of problems in chewing, in addition to that it may lead to the presence of muscle strain and pain as well. May lead to gingivitis and  teeth, and dental uses calendar also in some cases, such as cases of cleft palate and lip known as cleft lip

Dental hygiene care while using orthodontics

Combining wires, rubber bands, gaskets and various orthodontic devices, it is important to clean the teeth with a brush and a fluoride-based paste and remove any food that may be stuck in orthodontic devices after each meal is finished, and to use a fluoride-containing mouthwash ، Because the wash can remove food residue, and access places that the brush cannot access .It is also good to use a gentle thread to remove food residue, avoid pushing hard in areas near the arched wires, and it is worth noting that there is a brushing brush in the braces that can be used, and care should be taken to clean the toothbrush after each time it is used but not with a cleaner

How is the procedure of orthodontics performed 

There are permanent or fixed orthodontic types that are not removable except by medical methods at the dentist, and the second is easy to remove and non-permanent in the teeth, and the process is done by using a device that adjusts the jaw bones to take the tooth size when fitting teeth. The best time to make an orthodontic is 12 or 13 years of age.

If you see crooked mouth, protrusion in the jaws, or crowded teeth, you can contact the doctor directly to get rid of dental problems

Orthodontic methods

There are many methods that can be used to Orthodontic, and the choice of method depends on the nature of the problem in the teeth or jaw, including the following :

Fixed braces 

Fixed braces are made from a number of materials, made from metal, ceramics or clear plastic, but often made from metal, metal clips are clear and visible on teeth, and each type is used according to the problem to be corrected, this type of orthodontic is the most common and used. It is used to correct the plates of a number of teeth, and is used when the dishes are to be accurately corrected to avoid future problems, the new clips are smaller and therefore not very clear, as are the ceramic clasps and clear plastic

Functional appliances 

Functional appliances are used to modify the top or bottom positions of the teeth for the jaw, the dentist must explain how it works for the patient and how it is cleaned, and the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions, as misleading causes the patient not to function properly


the retainer is either static or moving, is used permanently or temporarily, and is used after the orthosting is completed, and these devices keep teeth in their new places after treatment is complete, and the bone surrounding the teeth and gums is adapted to the new situation

Removable braces 

Removable Braces are used to correct certain problems, such as minor ones, or may be used as part of a fixed calendar treatment, and may sometimes be used to reduce some problems in children such as the problem of finger-threading, these clips are naturally moving, i.e. they can be removed and returned. It must therefore be removed in the event of activities such as Cycling, as well as removed when cleaning

Removable appliances 

Removable Appliances may be installed as a pre-fixed-calendar phase, used to move a single tooth or set of teeth, and the result with this type of device may not be as accurate as the one the patient gets with fixed braces


Headgear is usually used for some people in the growth stage, where this device is placed around the neck or head, to guide the growth of the jaws and tooth movement, usually worn at night, and there are many types of head fixing. The dentist explains how this device is worn and handled

Orthodontic features

The orthodontics have several advantages so it is important that you go to a doctor when you do a jaw and tooth check, and the orthodontics features are :

  • Treatment of jaw protrusion

  • Treating speech difficulties such as  stuttering in children

  • Orthodontic improves the performance of surrounding teeth and tissues, making them stronger when chewing food

  • relieves the pain of tooth crowded

  • Improves the overall look and feel of the person

  • Protect mouth and gums from diseases, due to lack of food accumulation

Follow-up with the doctor after orthodontics

After the orthodontic is installed, your doctor will schedule a monthly follow-up time to continue dental improvement, and the orthodontic may take a long time to treat dental defects, there is no period to be determined, so the duration varies from person to person, it may last from 1 to 3 years. There are cases that are only 6 months to 1 year and a half depending on your situation

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