Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery under the influence of local anesthesia, where natural hair bulbs or artificial hair are implanted.

In the first case, hair bulbs are taken in a previous step from an area of the person’s body and are often the back area of the scalp, and then re-planted in the bald.

The second case is artificial bristles in hair-free zones in the scalp.

The process is being carried out to improve the esthetic appearance of the human being and not for medical purposes, but this does not mean that it is like well-being, the human need to feel that its shape is as beautiful and acceptable as it needs medical treatment

How is the hair transplant ?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic process that takes place under the influence of local anesthesia, in which bulbs are taken from behind the head and replanted in the bald place with a new front line drawn by a doctor suitable for the face shape

Steps and stages of the hair transplant:

1.Interview stage and medical examinations :

This is the stage at which the doctor holds special discussions with his patients and the doctor knows all the information about the patient, such as the health condition, the medicines he takes, information about the history of hair loss, the doctor tells his patient about the stages of work, what the final results he will get, and the patient will be given instructions Before you perform the operation

2. The preparation stage of the process :

After making sure that the person’s condition is perfectly suitable for the procedure of transplant through medical examinations , the stage of preparation for the operation is to prepare the special room according to the latest medical standards and specifications, and then prepare and treat the hair and scalp with Special medications

3. The front hairline drawing stage :

It is one of the important stages of the hair transplantation and its importance is that it gives the normal appearance of the hair and shows the consistency of the face. At this point, the patient is also consulted whether he is satisfied with the drawing until it is approved and The work is done depending on it

4. Anesthesia stage :

At this stage, the patient’s head scalp is local anesthesia in order to perform the operation without feeling any pain and anesthesia is performed by injecting the scalp specifically in the donor area and the area of hair loss in which the hair transplantation is performed

5. The picking stage :

After making sure that the patient’s scalp is numbed, the hair bulbs are effectively hacked from the donor area so that the clitched bulbs have certain characteristics and the kidnapping is spread throughout the donor area so that it is not noticed that they have been kidnapped and the bulbs are then placed in Special medications To maintain its vitality and characteristics

6. The stage of opening channels :

These are very Precise channels that are opened by very Precise devices in the places where hair is to be grown and the opening stage of the channels is designed to be open in a suitable direction and to be consecutive and at this stage uses modern techniques It aims to make the results of the hair transplant process more reliable and natural

7. Hair follicle transplant stage :

This is the final stage of the hair transplantation where the hair bulbs selected are grown in the injured place. This phase requires finer precision as it must be planted with the right direction and depth to grow just like the patient’s original hair

In general, specialized medical centers adopt medical procedures before the start of the hair implanting stages, which would make the patient feel credible and safe, which are represented in the preliminary agreement before the operation between the doctor and the patient, and to make sure that the patient is suitable for performing the operation and the appropriate technique

After the hair transplant

You may wonder about the side effects of hair transplantation, when the results will appear, how the hair is cared for after it has been grown, and how many other things are, here you will find information about everything you might think about after hair transplantation.

Unobtrusive side effects include:

  • Feeling pain is normal, it is surgery first and foremost.

  • The presence of swelling and inflammation of the scalp, which will go away with the use of drugs prescribed by the doctor within days.

  • Transplanted hair loss is normal and not a cause for concern, and your doctor will tell you this.

  • The appearance of dandruff with the hair, to be removed with medicinal shampoo

The stage of results after hair transplantation :

You may find it strange to know that after the normal hair transplantation all the transplanted hair will fall, but don’t worry, this is normal, and after several weeks the new hair will start to grow.

The final results take between two and six months, until all new hair grows. These results are permanent and often do not require re-farming, but this does not prevent some hair from falling at normal rates

Instructions after hair transplant :

  • Your doctor will prescribe some medical drugs such as an antibiotic for rapid healing and no infection, and will prescribe an Analgesic to overcome the pain caused by the operation, and you should take care of taking these drugs on time to avoid any complications.

  • Your doctor will advise you the best treatment after operation, including no water touching the scalp for at least three days after the operation, and the proper shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

  • It is absolutely necessary to refrain from scratching the scalp, expose the scalp to the sun or use creams without consulting your doctor.

  • It is best to stay away from smoking, alcohol and Follow a healthy system to make your hair look healthy.

  • If you have transplanted artificial hair, it should not be cut, dye or individual or

Platlet Rich plasma

the benefits :

The activation of existing and newly grown hair follicles by delivering pure bloody trophies is the blood plasma of the same person and the plasma reduces hair loss so that it gives strength to the hair follicles and increases the thickness of thin and weak hair, thus giving more density

It is preferable to take a group of vitamins to ensure the best result for hair from the American company GNC, which is internationally recommended for hair:

  • GNC Keratin
  • Selorix Vitamin

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FUE Hair Transplantation

Treatment method :

According to the person’s condition and hair, the doctor advises the use of plasma needles 6 – 7 plasma needles distributed over a whole year as follows:

  • The first month : needle

  • second month : needle

  • the third month : needle

  • The sixth month : needle

  • The ninth month : needle

  • Twelfth month : needle

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DHI Hair Transplantation

Dear Mr :

You will need to be in Istanbul for three days, and the services of the hospital for your visit will include : 

  • Reception and farewell to and from the airport and transportation in Istanbul for the hair transplantation process.

  • Medical examination, tests and analyzes that pertain to the entire medical work.

  • Hair transplant session.

  • PRP Plasma – Platelet rich Plasma to support hair, prevent hair dropping, feed all bulbs into scalp and stimulate stem cells.

  • The Mesotherapy injection for giving hair life and Shine and gives bulbs the enzymes you need in sufficient quantities to enhance its strength because it contains important vitamins for hair.

  • Treatment bag included (shampoo – lushin – medications for the first week after the operation – Medical cap – Medical pad)

  • The accompanying Arabic translator while you are in the hospital.

  • Review the hospital before saying goodbye, removing the bandage and washing hair.

  • Certified lifetime hospital guarantee certificate for successful hair transplantation and no final loss of transplanted hair.

  • 2 nights hotel accommodation in one of Istanbul’s best hotels (with breakfast).

  • Follow-up section after process to ensure results are running.

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